An Interconnected World

From faculty exchanges to study abroad programs, Virginia's Community Colleges are making international education an integral part of their programs.

Part of the VCCS mission is to educate our students as responsible citizens, through global and intercultural learning, and to identify and create opportunities for faculty development and leadership in international education. Lectures, international travel presentations, faculty and student exchange programs, and study abroad all help students develop an understanding of the interdependent world in which we live.

Study Abroad

Travel or study abroad opportunities have included Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Beliz, Nicaragua, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, England, Ireland, Wales, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Ghana, Egypt, Turkey, and Hong Kong. More about Studying Abroad >>>

Faculty Exchange

Faculty exchanges, through the VaCIE-VCCS international exchange program, have taken participants to the UK, the Netherlands, India, and Ghana. Institutional partnerships have been created in additional countries, including Russia, Mexico, and Rwanda. More about Faculty Exchanges >>>

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness days and international student lunches are among the activities held on campuses all over Virginia, allowing students, faculty, and staff to share food, national dress, and cultural heritage.